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5 Trusted and Safe Online Home Property Selling Sites

5 Trusted and Safe Online Home Property Selling Sites - Buying and selling property is a business that many high-class businessmen are involved in. Almost bustling cities like Jogja, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali and others have done this property business.

Home property buying and selling transactions are currently starting to develop due to the rapid development of the internet. Buying a home property has become a hassle-free thing in this digital era.

The existence of online buying and selling sites and applications makes it easy for many people, especially in running a business, including in the property business.

The internet is the key that makes everything easy, including in business. Sellers are able to market their business products easily, while buyers have the flexibility to choose the items they choose.

Also with the internet, prospective buyers who don't have acquaintances who know about selling home property can easily obtain information on selling property online by doing a search on the Google search engine.

Selling Home Property Online

But so that you don't get a fake property selling site, below we will mention and review recommendations for online property buying and selling websites that are trusted and safe.

Here are online property buying and selling sites that you should use as a reference or guide when looking for a home:

5 Sites for Selling Home Property Online

  1. Properti1.com
Properti1.com will be a reliable real estate website for those of you who are looking for various types of properties such as apartments, houses, land, etc.

Apart from that, on this website you can market property business products.

A simple website design will make it easier for you, both sellers and buyers, to carry out the activities you want.

For those of you prospective sellers, you are required to register an account first so you can place advertisements for house and apartment properties

  1. Siteproperti.com
SiteProperti.com is a property website that can display your real estate ads in multiple languages ​​for all types of properties such as for sale and rent of houses, apartments, office space, shop houses, land, business premises, kiosks and warehouses.

For advertising on this property's website, a payment system is used for 1 ad valued at IDR 25,000 with a duration of 24 months.

  1. Rumahdijual.com
If you've tried Googling when looking for homes to sell or rent, this site might be one of those recommended for you.

These easy-to-remember keywords make this home buying and selling website popular and often used. Even so, the quality of this buying and selling site cannot be doubted.

Advertising a property on Rumahdijual.com is free, so people selling their homes online are more likely to use it than other sites that require sellers to pay.

  1. Rumah.com
Rumah.com is considered the largest home buying and selling site in Southeast Asia to date. That's why potential home buyers trust this site more and more.

Of course there is a reason why this site is arguably the best in Southeast Asia.

Once you open this website or install the Rumah.com application on your smartphone, you will find it easy to buy a house.

After you enter your keywords, Rumah.com provides a list of homes for sale, whether it's the name of the area, city, or apartment.

Rumah.com also allows you to use very practical filters such as property type, price range, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, certificates, square footage and many more.

  1. Apartemen123.com
The next recommended site for selling home property is Apartemen123.com, this website can be another option for those of you who are looking for homes online.

The website design displayed on the Apartemen123.com website is very simple and makes it easy for visitors' needs.

On this website, those of you who want to place property advertisements will gain advantages with the advertisements that you post appearing in various foreign languages, starting from Japanese, German, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, French and Thai.

With these various foreign languages, this website makes it easier for consumers who come from abroad.

These are a few recommendations for online property buying and selling sites that have been considered safe and trusted by many parties.