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The Best Insurance Companies 2022 Version by Infobank Magazine

The Best Insurance Companies 2022 Version by Infobank Magazine -  57 insurance companies won the 23rd Infobank Insurance Award 2022, on Thursday, July 28, 2022. The award winners, consisting of 42 general insurance companies and 15 life insurance companies, succeeded in achieving "very good" performance.
The awarding of the 23rd Infobank Insurance Award 2022 is based on the Rating 110 Insurance Companies Version of Infobank in 2022, where there are 38 life insurance companies and 72 general insurance companies that are rated this year. This rating is based on the performance of the insurance companies listed in the audited and published financial statements for the full 2021 working year period.

The performance assessment of insurance companies conducted by the Infobank Research Bureau (BiRI) consists of 5 major stages in determining the "very good" predicate. These stages include determining the rating formula based on the development of the insurance industry, searching for data sources, assigning scores/values ​​from the results of processing numbers from various growth ratios, and awarding predicates. Then, the Infobank Research Bureau categorizes insurance companies based on the gross premium approach. The grouping of insurance companies with each other uses a standard deviation so that a fair grouping is obtained through an equalization approach.

Director of the Research Bureau of Infobank and Editor-in-Chief of Infobank Magazine, Eko B. Supriyanto said that insurance companies that can survive the storm of the pandemic and begin to grow again enter an endemic era marked by the threat of global inflation today, not only those who have capital and liquidity strength. , but also very important for insurance companies today in strengthening business governance and transparency as well as reliable risk management.

"The various challenges and difficulties faced by the national insurance sector during difficult times since the Covid-19 outbreak until now, global inflation has also hit the Indonesian financial industry. This must be an important lesson for all financial industry players, including insurance, especially in strengthening investment risk management and management. and business as a strategic step in maintaining public trust in the national insurance industry,” said Eko, at the Infobank Non-Bank Financial Forum 2022 activity, July 28, 2022.

The event, which is part of a series of activities for the Infobank Non-Bank Financial Forum 2022, a collaboration between Infobank Media Group and the Association of Indonesian Financing Companies (APPI) and the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) was opened with a Keynote Speech from a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). ) who on 20 July 2022 had just confirmed his position as Chief Executive of the Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervisor (IKNB), Ogi Prastomiyono.

The event was then continued with a national forum entitled “Building a Healthy Non-Bank Financial Industry; Governance & Risk Management in the Financing and Insurance Sector Amid the Threat of Inflation” moderated by Karnoto Mohamad, Deputy Editor in Chief of Infobank. Also attending as resource persons for the forum were: Bambang W. Budiawan, Head of the OJK 2B IKNB Supervisory Department; Iwan Pasila, President Director of BRI Life Insurance and Member of the AAJI Work Team; Hastanto Sri Margi Widodo, Chairman of AAUI and President Director of Asuransi Bintang; Suwandi Wiratno, Chairman of APPI and also President Director of CSUL Finance; and Eko B. Supriyanto himself as Chairman of the Infobank Institute who on this occasion represented the banking sector.