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Here are 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Realme Smartphones

Here are 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Realme Smartphones - If we talk about Xiaomi, there is a sub-brand of POCO that is angled in our memories. Likewise with Huawei which gave birth to a new brand called Honor. Aside from the two brands, OPPO also does not want to lose by presenting a realme sub-brand.

Marketing mechanisms like this are not uncommon anymore. Xiaomi, for example, makes a POCO sub-brand to be able to meet different market segments without having to be associated with the Xiaomi brand.

Here are 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Realme Smartphones

This is to maintain the integrity of the brand and the message contained in the Xiaomi name, as well as the realme launched to reach market segments outside OPPO. As we know, OPPO is thicker with its identity as HP to take pictures and capture good selfie results. More or less, it may not be much different from vivo.

Meanwhile, realme itself is a sub-brand that prioritizes value to reach the entry level and mid range segments. It has a high price to performance as well, because realme generally uses a powerful chipset for the price class.

So what is this realme brand like? What can be expected from the products? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of realme as the following brand.

Advantages of realme

More and more people should know about the realme brand, because the advantages will indeed make anyone feel benefited. Well, rather than curious, here we give realme points.

1. High Value for Money

Anyone who has ever seen the prices and specifications of realme knows. That, realme products really reflect the concept of value for money that is so high. Even though it is at a very affordable price compared to other phones, the specifications not infrequently make fans gaping.

This is because realme does not do massive promotions on offline channels but only on online only. Yes, just like the Xiaomi brand. As a result, realme phones can be released at such a cheap price but without making a company boncos.

2. More Reliable "Flash Sale" Program

The "Flash Sale" event is the most eagerly awaited by opportunist consumers. Do not want to buy HP at a normal price, finally willing to compete in getting realme products cheaper.

Events like this are not only done by realme, but by other HP manufacturers as well as Xiaomi. For example, as in poco M3 and POCO X3 NFC, so many are looking forward to the HP and want to buy it at flash sale. But what power, the name POCO even becomes attached to the word "ghoib".

This is because the stock of Xiaomi phones tends to be few and makes many people fail to buy their products. Unlike realme, hp manufacturer has a flash sale program that is more lasting, surviving on a longer duration without running out of stock.

3. Have a Feature-Rich ROM

Because realme is a sub-brand of OPPO, they still use ColorOS on HP realme. But for a long time they finally had their own version of Android skin called realme UI.

Well, this realme UI is fairly superior to ColorOS. In fact, some people will agree that realme UI is even better than MIUI. For example, realme UI has a special rider feature with the name Smart Driving. This feature can be activated so that your driving experience is safer even if you have to occasionally use the phone.

Realme UI also adopts the Super Saving Power Mode feature that originally existed in ColorOS. Well, believe me, this feature is very useful when hp will be dying.

Because, in the rest of the battery that is only 5%, the phone can still be used to run 6 applications. Even 5% can be able to chat on WhatsApp or listen to songs on Spotify for a few hours. Compared to MIUI, realme UI is also believed to have a better user interface.

4. Present High Refresh Rate on Cheap HP Range

Do you know? The screen on the phone has a higher refresh rate than 60 Hz. For example, 90 Hz or 120 Hz. Meaning the screen can look smoother when scrolled or when playing games. But unfortunately not all phones present a high refresh rate, only expensive phones.

But that's changed since realme "attacked" with its cheap phones. For example, like realme 7 and 7i, then there is narzo realme. These three phones are the cheapest that have presented the option of a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Only after that, other brands began to follow to include affordable phones with 90 Hz.

5. Diverse Market Segments

You might think that realme is a brand attached to the identity of commoners. But wait a minute, they also have a high-competitive flagship series, namely the X series.

Some of the flagship products such as realme X50 Pro, X3 SuperZoom, and realme X2 Pro really offer high quality and specifications and premium. In the entry level market share, there are also C series realme such as realme C15 and C17. Again, even if the price is cheap, the specifications are not cheap.

realme C17 alone has even presented 256 GB of internal memory at a price of Rp2 million. Try to find other brands that can rival it, at least only a handful of brands. If in the mid range segment there is a realme series of numbers.

In fact, realme also has a "series child" named Narzo who is targeted at generation Z citizens, aka young people who are actively moving, gaming hobbies, and photography. So the point is, every time realme meets any price segment, other brands must be ready to multiply dhikr so as not to be released.

6. Build Quality Good Body

As one of the most frequently held objects of consumers, of course HP requires a good build quality so that it is comfortable to grip and not easily damaged by the user's transparency. Do you know? HP realme is often equipped with protection from splashing water so as to make it more durable.

Also, the company claims that it has been testing buttons and casan connectors thousands and even hundreds of thousands of times. This is done to make sure the button will not be easily damaged even if you have been using it for a long time.

7. Soaring Reputation Rises Rapidly

For brands that are only a short age like realme, usually the process to climb the ladder of success will last a long time. But this does not apply to realme whose reputation immediately soared quickly, making it one of the best smartphone brands that cannot be underestimated in quality.

As of November 2020, Counterpoint research noted that realme managed to sell 50 million products, making it one of the fastest growing brands and even topping sales estimates. This means, users do not have to worry about using a realme phone. With its short but massive track record, realme proved successful in attracting interest from millions of others.

Lack of realme

Realme as a brand is quality. But do not close one eye, because this brand certainly has some shortcomings that you need to pay attention to.

1. Product Portfolio Less Varied

Realme is a smartphone brand. However, today has begun to change towards the IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem. This is what makes HP manufacturers like Huawei and Xiaomi penetrate into other things.

For example, like Xiaomi which also presents Smart TVs, Bluetooth speakers, TWS, and others. In fact, do not be surprised if you find a brand of pen, sweeper robot, bicycle, to otopet named Xiaomi.

What about realme? Well so far we have been able to find speakers, smart watches, electric toothbrushes, and TWS from realme. Even this sub-brand of OPPO has also released quality realme TV.

But the collection of its product range is still not as diverse and diverse as Xiaomi. This is because the realme brand itself is still a young player compared to Xiaomi. If later the realme product portfolio is large, it is guaranteed that this brand will be even more unparalleled.

2. Not Yet Presenting a Special Gaming Phone

Often fans compare realme with Xiaomi. The problem is that these two brands do have a lot in common in terms of their target market. Both offer high value at affordable prices.

Well, Xiaomi itself already has a sub-brand with the name Black Shark, which is the HP gaming series that is so great in performance. Some of its main competitors are the ASUS ROG Phone and Lenovo Legion. However, realme in fact does not present any products to rival Black Shark (when this article was written).

3. Less Sturdy Branding due to New Brand

It is not uncommon for realme to be compared with Xiaomi which has become a heavy competitor. Especially, comparing the realme of the C series with the Redmi series line. Likes to have similar features and eventually some users lean towards Redmi. Why?

Because, Xiaomi has been standing for a long time rather than realme which is a newcomer. Xiaomi itself has been established since 2010, while realme was only made an independent brand in 2018. This means that it is really PR for realme if you want to overtake Xiaomi, the HP brand that was first known as a pioneer of high-value HP (but still affordable).

Nevertheless, now the position of realme in Indonesia remains fairly solid with the enthusiasm of the community that is no less high with other brands. The obstacle is again, that the public does not know how long the defense cycle of realme mobile phones because of its short life.

As a result, realme needs a few more years to prove that the products are indeed quality. Not to mention, realme branding is more centered on the younger generation, be it from specifications, design, or supporting features. For some consumers who come from the old generation, the realme brand is not so glimpsed. This condition makes realme branding less competitive with some other brands such as Vivo or OPPO.

Well, now you know what makes realism so interesting in people's eyes. It is often considered the HP of commoners, but this is not entirely true. Realme brand itself is suitable for people who are brand-agnostic, aka do not outperform certain brands just from their reputation. For example, do not just buy Samsung hp or iPhone because of its famous brand.

Instead, realme is present for users who want high value at the cheap price it offers. Prestige, it probably won't make you proud of the realme brand.

But in terms of satisfaction when playing games, battery life, or memory capacity, realme is very competitive and suitable for various circles. Are you ready to take home your realme phone today? Find out the best realme phones to buy in this article.