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Asiik! OK Bank Offers Easy Loans 'Without Hassle' for Those Who Have Twice Covid-19 Vaccine

Asiik! OK Bank Offers Easy Loans 'Without Hassle' for Those Who Have Twice Covid-19 Vaccine - PT Bank Oke Indonesia Tbk (OK Bank) continues to strive to help the national economic recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This effort is done while still spurring credit distribution. 

This DNAR stock coded bank provides convenience to customers in accessing credit in order to build or continue its business so that it can bounce back from pandemic pressures. 

Meanwhile, the convenience offered by Bank Oke is one of them in terms of credit distribution without collateral (KTA). KTA facilities from this bank can be accessed with a very easy process.

Vice President Director of OK Bank, Hendra Lie said, it ensures prospective customers who apply for a loan have received a second vaccine and have a Care Protect application, besides that they do not need to bother attaching a pay slip or work certificate.

"OK Bank only requires one thing, just attach an identity card in the form of a Identity Card (KTP)," said Hendra Lie in Jakarta, Tuesday (02/08/2022).

With these three things, he explained, customers can immediately enjoy a loan of up to Rp 10 million in just a process of three minutes.

Not only does it offer a quick process, Bank Oke also offers competitive interest. The Company provides facilities OK! KTA ranging from Rp 3 million to Rp 200 million with interest rates starting from 0.89%. 

"With the anti-complicated process offered by OK Bank, now getting capital to build a small business is no longer difficult. The interest expense borne is also more affordable than other online platforms, "he explained.

OK Bank also ensures the security of prospective customer data will not be widespread. The Company has also cooperated with a number of financial institutions in Indonesia to avoid cyber and financial crime risks from and by KTA OK Bank applicants.

As of September 2021, banking credit only grew 2.21% year on year (YoY). While OK Bank recorded credit of Rp 5.05 trillion or grew 24% YoY from Rp 4.07 trillion in the same period the previous year.

The growth is also accompanied by improvements in asset quality. Bank Oke's net non performing loan (NPL) ratio fell to 2.5% from 3.1% in September 2020.