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Advantages of HP Realme C17, Affordable Price with 4 Cameras

Advantages of HP Realme C17, Affordable Price with 4 Cameras - The advantages that HP Realme C17 has become its own attraction. Because, this smartphone made by Realme brings cool specifications and features.

HP Realme C17 itself entered the Indonesian mobile market in October 2020. Although not new, but worth considering.

Advantages of HP Realme C17, Affordable Price with 4 Cameras

Because, in addition to carrying a qualified spec, smartphones from Chinese vendors also have very affordable prices for Indonesian consumers.

As we know, that it is not only the C17 series that is cheap or affordable. However, there are a number of other series that are price friendly in the pocket, but the specifications are close to the mid-range class.

Advantages of HP Realme C17

Processor, RAM, screen, camera, and battery are one of the elements that you should take into account, before buying a new smartphone.

These elements are also owned by the Realme C17. Wondering what are the advantages that this phone brings? Here's the review.

Processor and RAM

Almost all smartphones that use Snapdragon chipset made by Qualcomm, will definitely consumers lyrics. Therefore, the processor is indeed famous for its quality.

While for hp Realme C17 itself uses snapdragon 460 brain. The processor first came out in early 2020.

Qualcomm chipset is an entry level class, and as the successor of snapdragon 450. The advantages of the brain that HP Realme C17 uses, certainly do not need to be doubted anymore.

While as a performance support, attached Octa-core KRYO 240 CPU, with a maximum speed of 1.8 GHz. In addition, there is also an Adreno 610 GPU or graphics.

As for RAM available capacity of 6 GB, which is juxtaposed with internal storage of 128 GB.


Another advantage of hp Realme C17 is in the rear and front camera sector. Not wanting to lose competing with other vendors, Realme installed a Quad Camera on the back.

So, this is the attraction of the C17 series smartphone. Because, in addition to the runway kitchen for the camera is also a consideration for someone when going to buy a new phone.

As the configuration of the four rear cameras, for the main lens powered 13 MP with aperture f / 2.2 and act as wide.

Then, the second lens is 8 MP with an aperture of f/2.2 and acts as an ultrawide camera, which can take pictures up to a 119-degree viewing angle.

Furthermore, the third camera is 2 MP resolution as a macro lens, and finally 2 MP resolution for depth sensors.

The advantages of the camera from the HP Realme C17 can certainly produce quality images. This is because of the Super Nightscape feature, which can take pictures at night with minimal light, but the results are brighter.

While for the front is attached a single lens with a resolution of 8 MP. The selfie camera is attached to the upper left corner on a small hole or punch-hole.

Long-Lasting Battery

The battery sector is also an advantage of the HP Realme C17. With a price below Rp 3 million, you can operate the application or others with satisfaction. That right is due to the battery power capacity of 5000 mAh.

Realme claims that the battery can last for 18.6 hours to watch Youtube streaming. Then 83.4 hours to listen to songs from Spotify.

In addition, the Realme C17 phone is also equipped with fast charging or 18W fast charging, which can save you time when recharging the battery.

In fact, with such a large capacity, you can also make this smartphone as a powerbank.


Another advantage of hp Realme C17 is on the screen. This phone has a screen size of 6.5 inches with an IPS LCD panel.

Then for the screen resolution reaches 720 x 1600 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 20:9. While for the refresh rate the screen supports up to 90 Hz.

In addition, as a protector installed Corning Gorilla Glass 3. However, the disadvantage of hp Realme C17 in the screen sector is, the resolution is not FHD +.

Cool Features

The operating system is based on Android 10. Then the security of the phone is also an advantage of the HP Realme C17, which can use fingerprint or fingerprint scanner and face unlock.

While for external storage capacity using microSD, which can reach 256 GB and installed on one of 3 card slots.

Smartphones that have 2 color variants, namely Navy Blue and Lake Green, currently the official price according to the official Realme website is Rp 2,669,000.

Of course, with such a large price and has advantages, then the HP Realme C17 is worth buying.