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7 Tips for Choosing the Best and Cheapest Car Insurance

7 Tips for Choosing the Best and Cheapest Car Insurance - Choosing cheap and good car insurance should take into account several factors, such as the type of insurance, the product, and the exact comparison between premiums and services. Here are some tips on choosing the best vehicle insurance that you can consider:

7 Tips for Choosing the Best and Cheapest Car Insurance

1. Choose the appropriate type of insurance (all risk / TLO)

Recognize the needs and terrain that are often passed by car vehicles, whether in crowded city areas or damaged roads. Usually, all risk car insurance is suitable for motorists in the city because of the high risk of abrasions. Meanwhile, TLO car insurance is suitable for cars located in areas prone to criminality.

2. Find third party car insurance

Third party car insurance is a policy benefit that provides compensation in the event of a risk of accident or collision involving a third party. For example, you accidentally hit a car in front when a red light. Well, the cost of damage to the car you hit will be covered by the vehicle insurance. Even so, this vehicle insurance policy also has some exceptions, such as:

  • Customer crashes or pushes another vehicle while doing driving drills
  • Losses resulted from vehicles being used for racing, crime, carnivals, campaigns, and rallies.
  • Losses resulting from intentional or planned
  • The vehicle is driven by a driver without a driver's license.
  • Vehicle suffers driver's injuries under the influence of liquor or drugs
  • Vehicles suffer losses due to natural disasters or riots

3. Compare policies from different vehicle insurance companies

In order to get an insurance policy with cheap premiums and complete benefits, prospective customers are advised to compare policies from various vehicle insurance companies in Indonesia online. This can be done by utilizing the policy comparison feature from Lifepal! Complete the following table of contents to compare the best policies. Or it could be the following benefits of calculator:

4. Choose an insurance company with reliable credibility

Credibility is not only the brand is famous, but also trusted about its service and as much as possible minimal complaints.

5. Choose vehicle insurance that has an extensive partner workshop

Vehicle insurance is usually in cooperation with an authorized workshop from your car brand. However, there are also those who work with non-authorized workshops. Well, only a few vehicle insurance brands that allow you to be able to make repairs to any workshop. So far, this product that has this benefit is ACA Otomate Solitaire from ACA. Usually, the benefits of vehicle insurance like this are very useful when your car is damaged in an area that you are less familiar with.

6. Compare the price of the premium versus the features of the service

Vehicle insurance premiums are regulated by OJK. But, the features and services between one product with another can vary even though the premium is the same. There is vehicle insurance that only covers the damage to the car, but there are also those that cover the driver and passengers as well. In fact, without an additional fee.

7. Complete car insurance requirements

After determining the desired insurance policy, then complete the necessary car insurance requirements. There are several conditions that need to be completed when you want to register your favorite car in vehicle insurance. The following are the requirements for car insurance registration:
  • Registration form provided by Lifepal or a vehicle insurance company
  • Photocopy of Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK)
  • Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP)
  • Photocopy and original driver's license (driver's license)
  • For Foreign Nationals must include KITAS or KITAP
  • Original letter NPWP or SIUP