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Life Insurance Marks Love for Family

Life Insurance Marks Love for Family - Maybe many of us think, why have life insurance if we already have enough investment, adequate monthly salary, children's education funds have been well allocated, until tertiary needs are already owned. It looks like our finances are safe, right?

Life Insurance Marks Love for Family

Unfortunately, the events that a number of news portals have recently posted say otherwise. Reportedly, a young man who worked at one of the famous IT companies died suddenly from a stroke. In fact, when viewed from his social media accounts, the man has a healthy lifestyle; He diligently consumes nutritious food, likes to exercise, especially running, even had time to participate in marathon competitions in several countries in the world. Who would have thought that a deadly disease such as stroke could also affect people who are still relatively young, and have a healthy life?

His death left behind his wife and two young children. With the condition of losing the main breadwinner in the family, it's hard to imagine how they can finance life in the future. The above story can happen to anyone, including all of us. Don't want the life of your dearest family to be difficult if suddenly something untoward happens to us? That is why we are obliged to protect ourselves with the protection of the soul as evidence of our love for the family.

Let's Know What Life Insurance Is

What do you mean by life insurance? Understanding life insurance is a protection program for families in the event of unwanted things, such as death, against insurance policyholders. Yes, as the example above, life protection is intended to provide financial security and definite protection to families left behind when the insured dies.  

Simply put, we as the insured must pay a certain amount of premiums periodically. Later when we die, the money will be given by the insurance company as Sum Insured (UP) to the families left behind as stated in the contract agreement.

Unfortunately, the awareness of indonesian people to have protection in the form of life protection still tends to be low. From research data compiled in the Manulife Investor Sentiment Index 11 in 2017 showed, only 1% consider having life protection as a priority.

So, What to Prepare Before Having Life Protection?

1. Set aside a budget

It is not easy to allocate funds every month for things that we cannot enjoy at this time. For that, instill the proverb "hurt first have fun then" in our minds. Understand that the money we save today will be very beneficial for our family in the future. Ideally, set aside 10-20% of monthly income for special allocation posts paying life insurance premiums.

2. Have Insurance While Healthy

Every insurance company has special provisions for prospective buyers of their insurance. One of the most common is the health condition of prospective policy owners. Even health conditions can also affect the cost of premiums that must be paid, usually the younger and healthier a person, the lower the premium that must be paid. For that, immediately have insurance while we are young and healthy.

3. Adjust to Needs

Before choosing insurance, it's good if we learn first what products are offered and compare one insurance product with another. Make sure the life insurance benefits offered in accordance with your needs, such as total disability benefits that allow us as the insured to get coverage when we are no longer able to work. In addition, make sure the life insurance company you choose is a credible and trustworthy company.

In general, there are two types of life insurance, namely term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term Life Insurance provides protection for a certain period of time with fixed premiums, ranging from 5, 12, 15 and 20 years. So, during that period of time, the breadwinner will be protected. There are 3 (three) futures protection products from Manulife that can be tried: Term Saving Protection, Protection Soul Compensation, and Manulife Persona Guard.

As for Life Insurance, this type of protection provides protection up to the age of 99 years and is accompanied by cash value. This cash value is the policyholder's right and can be disbursed. There is one (one) type of lifelong protection product from Manulife, namely: Manulife Essential Assurance.

In closing, having life protection is a guarantee that must be owned by the main breadwinners. Come on, it's time for gercep to have life insurance products to protect their beloved families. Never assume life protection is a tertiary need. Make the protection of the soul as the main need that is able to provide certainty of family survival in the future. In short, prepare an umbrella before the rain, prepare the best protection for the future of your beloved family.