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Various Forms and Names of Online INVESTMENT

 Various Forms and Names of Online INVESTMENT ! -  Types and examples of online investments

Here are the types of online investments as well as examples of online investments that you can choose from.

1. Mutual funds

Mutual funds are the easiest and most popular form of online investing in society.

What is Mutual Fund?

You just put your money into mutual funds, the rest is left to the investment manager to manage your investments. The presence of Fintech makes mutual fund investing easier.


A stock is a letter that proves that a person has a hand in a business.

Shareholders have rights to certain assets of the company.

For example, if a company issues 1,000 shares and one person owns 200 shares of the company, that person actually owns 20% of the company's assets.

The main shareholders will have control over the company.

3. Online Gold Savings

There are currently two options for investing in gold, gold bullion and digital gold.

How to store gold of these two types is quite different.

As for how to store gold bullion for investment has been done for a long time.

Meanwhile, the digital way of saving gold is a new form of gold investment that is closer to the younger generation and you can have in online stores.

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4. Forex

What is forex trading? Forex stands for Foreign Exchange, which means the exchange rate between one currency and another.

Transactions involve negotiating (buying/buying) financial products, in this case currencies based on the prevailing market price at the time the transaction occurs and forex value may change at any time depending on market dynamics, buying and selling.

Due to fluctuations in value, Forex has become a trading platform.

5. State Securities (SBN)

SBN or State Securities is an investment product issued by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and guaranteed to Indonesian citizens.

SBN is an alternative product of investment that is safe, easy, affordable and profitable.

Through SBN, the community participates in the financing and development of the country.

6. Term Savings

One type of online investment that is in demand is term savings, term savings itself is a type of product from deposits where the customer deposits a certain amount of funds in a certain period of time that has been determined at the beginning, with a fixed amount.

Money collected by new customers will be able to be taken at the end of the period / maturity of deposits.