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List of The Best Car Insurance in Indonesia and Tips on Choosing It

Having a car as a personal vehicle of course makes you need to consider many things, including various ways to maintain and care for it. This is very important to be your attention specifically, considering to get a car you have spent a considerable amount of money.

The car goes into assets that have high economic value, so it's natural that you consider and make your own budget in caring for it. This is certainly useful to keep the value of the asset in good condition and not slump due to damage and various other risks.

Using Car Insurance

One of the steps that can be done to minimize the risk you bear to your car ownership is to protect it with vehicle insurance. This will help you divert the risks that could occur at any time to your car, such as:

Loss or damage to the vehicle/car itself.

Losses arising from obligations in the form of legal liability that must be fulfilled by the insured against third parties. What is meant by a third party in this case is another party / person who suffered losses due to our actions as a motorist, for example: people who suffered losses because we hit their vehicles on the road.

Before choosing car insurance, of course you must know what exactly the type of protection from insurance itself. This will help you to be able to understand and get maximum benefits in accordance with your expectations and desires for insurance protection itself.

First understand what types of coverage are provided by car insurance:

Combined (comprehensive)

This insurance will provide guarantees against losses arising from damage to part or all of the vehicle that basically occurs due to various risks that have been mentioned in the insurance policy.

Total Lost Only (TLO)

This insurance will only provide guarantees for loss (theft of the vehicle) or damage that reaches more than 75% caused by various risks that have been mentioned in the policy. 

List of Best Car Insurance

When you are going to buy something, then of course you want to get the best and this also applies when you will use a vehicle insurance.

There are many insurance companies that provide this service, you can see some below:

1. Adira Autocillin Car Insurance

Adira Autocillin Car Insurance is car insurance from PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika (Asuransi Adira), which provides guarantees on cars insured from any kind of damage. Starting from minor damage, severe damage, to loss of vehicle.

Advantages of Autocillin car insurance: 

  1. There are 385 partner workshops available 
  2. How to claim: Through the Autocillin Mobile Claim App, which is reporting claims directly and easily through a mobile phone.
  3. Stnk and Autocillin Rescue extension facilities (facilities such as Towing Car, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Ambulance, etc.).
  4. 24-hour Call Center: Call the Adira Insurance call center (Adira Care) at 1500-456 or email adiracare@asuransiadira.co.id.