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How to Play Bitcoin Stocks for Beginners, Understand the Risks

 How to Play Bitcoin Stocks for Beginners, Understand the Risks - Bitcoin shares start with pre-investment research, buying, mining, promotion, selling, to monitor the market.

For beginners, bitcoin stocks require extra foresight by not rushing to buy and sell shares.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are one way to play stocks that are not under the auspices of the Government and are referred to as investments that will last for a long time.

Although not from the Government, its existence has been validated by many parties, has a strong enough influence and is protected.

Investing in the Bitcoin stock market is the most common way for beginners to gain investment experience.

Its long-term nature and promising abundant profits makes it never empty of investors.

1. How to Play Bitcoin Stocks from Pre-Investment Research

- Understand the numbers

How to play Bitcoin stocks that need to be done first is research.

This is done because the circulation of bitcoin is very limited.

To date, there are only about 21 million worldwide.

This restriction on the amount of circulation is what makes bitcoin stocks more attractive to understand.

Of course, the price of bitcoin will tend to continue to rise.

- Investment Risk

But keep in mind that no investment will continue to run smoothly.

Some financial experts such as Professor John Quiggin from the University of Queensland stated bitcoin investments can be buble, because it has no real asset value.

For the first time, you must really understand the risks, profits, taxes, and how the system works.

For beginners, start to invest bitcoin slowly.

- Don't be in a hurry

Don't rush into all the money you have to buy this digital money. How to play Bitcoin stocks with a structured method is an effort to learn bitcoin investments that are safe and make more proficient.

Make sure that potential Bitcoin investors already have special money used for investment.

The intended investment money is money beyond the cost of living needs and emergency funds.

When it is matured properly, open a Bitcoin Wallet account on a trusted site blockchain.com to start registration and verification.

When you already have your wallet, create an account before the transaction.

The goal is to facilitate monitoring of the ups and downs of Bitcoin values in real time.

2. How to Play Bitcoin Stocks from Buying

- Buying

The second way to play Bitcoin stocks is to get Bitcoin by buying.

Potential investors must download a Bitcoin wallet first to make a transaction.

If you have followed the previous step by creating an account, then open the wallet.

The most popular cryptocurrency exchange marketplaces are Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, and Coinmama.

Do a cryptocurrency exchange provided by your Bitcoin wallet provider.

How to play Bitcoin shares by getting an exchange, can be by debit, credit, or PayPal card. 

- Writing

In addition to buying, Bitcoin can be by getting it for free through writing methods.

Write about cryptocurrency.

This method is very suitable for those who have writing skills to be able to get it for free.

Currently, the crypto world already has news sites that will contain a wide variety of news.

Playing Bitcoin is indeed an easy thing as long as you understand how, one of them is by trading Bitcoin every day.

3. How to Play Bitcoin Shares from Mining

- Other Users

How to play the fourth Bitcoin stock try to get it from other users.

This method is known to be easiest for beginners.

Bitcoin stock can be applied because its function can be equated like conventional money.

Its function is as a medium of exchange in all types of transactions.

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, now Bitcoin can be transferred like cash in general.

The way to play Bitcoin stocks is to use the Bitcoin Wallet Address.

- Bitcoin Mining

Next, Bitcoin shares can get it from mining or mining.

However, there are drawbacks, how to mine or mining Bitcoin can not be done individually.

In order to get Bitcoin as capital, potential investors must collaborate with several users.

However quiet, its use is very flexible.

For Bitcoin mining, users need to equip multiple devices in hardware and software.

One more important thing is that potential investors must understand how the system works.

4. How to Play Bitcoin Shares from Promotion and Trading

- Bitcoin Affiliates

Bitcoin affiliate is a link to the activity of promoting something.

This one bitcoin stock will make potential investors put up links on their web.

In the end, bitcoin shares will make installers get a reward in the form of Bitcoin in every impression that can be used for investment capital.

The link can be easily obtained on various exchange sites to rupiah.

There are two categories of crypto exchanges, from Fiat money to crypto and from crypto to crypto.

These things must be understood, especially for novice players.

- Airdrops

How to play Bitcoin stocks by looking for free capital can rely on airdrops. This method is one of the trading strategies of a company.

The goal is to provide cryptourrency for free in the absence of any previous terms or conditions.

Usually the requirement that needs to be done is the company's Twitter account or retweeting posts and others.

But by using airdrops, these provisions do not have to be met.

Cryptocurrency can be exchanged into rupiah through various exchanger sites on the internet.

5. How to Play Bitcoin Stocks by Understanding the Market

- Following the Price

If you have managed to get Bitcoin coins that will be used for investment, follow the price and sale.

The volatile value of Bitcoin makes potential investors should not immediately put all the money and investments they have.

The worst risk if bitcoin stocks rush is when the price falls, then all the money that has been invested.

The value of bitcoin will continue to move every minute.

The way to play Bitcoin stocks that must be pursued once is to monitor their movements in real time.

There are several features that investors can use, such as bitcoin checker and bitcoin ticker widget.

Both can give a warning if the movement has reached the value that the investor wants.

After that just take a decision, want to buy or want to sell it as part of how to play Bitcoin shares.

- Understand Sales

Bitcoin stock at the stage of making decisions is not an easy matter.

Don't be careless and rely on luck alone, yes! Based on a lot of investor experience, it is necessary for good foresight to do so.

When examined more deeply, it is true that the value or exchange rate of Bitcoin continues to creep up every year.

There are opportunities that are increasingly wide open because of it.

But it needs to be understood, how to play Bitcoin stocks sell carelessly without paying attention to the market will only bring a buntung.

It could be that the price can drop far from the purchase price.

So stay observant in bitcoin trading yes as a way to play Bitcoin stocks for beginners!

Bitcoin is not individual property, so in terms of negative impact control will be easier.

One of them is the control of institutional lobbying.

So, it is certain that the future of Bitcoin investment will be bright.