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BITCOIN IS FREE FOR BEGINNERS AND LEARNERS, IT DEFINITELY CAN!! - Currently Bitcoin is very viral and tranding, different when bitcoin in the past 5 years (2015) which is still cheap around the range of $ 200 (around Rp.2 Million) and not many people are interested in investing or trading (buying and selling) bitcoin.

But in the last 3 years the price of bitcoin soared to 1000%, last on August 18, 2021 the price of bitcoin touched the price per 1 BTC = $ 44,619 or around Rp.643 million, which is fantastic and makes many people crowded looking for bitcoin online, especially free bitcoin.

For free bitcoin seekers the term is called scavenger but even so do not underestimate, although free if painstaking and patient the same can also make tens or even hundreds of millions.

 For free bitcoin seekers the term is called scavenger but even so do not underestimate, although free if painstaking and patient the same can also make tens or even hundreds of millions.

For those who like to invest then trading (buying and selling) is an easy way but with a lot of capital and high risk, but also the profit can be very large, for example we invest buy bitcoin in the current market for Rp.600 million and it turns out that the next month the price soars to Rp.700 million then the difference we buy with the selling price is Rp. 100 Million,  That's the result if we sell it when the price soars, but the risk is also big if the next month the price drops to Rp.500 million means if we sell it will lose Rp.100 million.

Buying bitcoin also does not have to be large directly 1 BTC, we can buy (invest) bitcoin with a small size, for example buy 100 thousand or 1 million later will be able to be several thousand satoshis and stored in our wallet (digital wallet).

The bitcoin count is 1 Bitcoin (BTC) equal to 100 Million Sathosi, the smallest size of Bitcoin is 1 sathosi (0.00000001).

For example, we have 500,000 sathosi (0.00500000) then if sold or if we buy it is corrupted worth around Rp.3,217,000 (with a reference of 1 BTC = $ 44,619).

How to start playing free bitcoin for beginners or ordinary people?

1. What needs to be prepared is that we have a Wallet or digital wallet, this wallet function will store bitcoin tokens that we collect either from buying or rolling for free, without having a wallet then bitcoin wants to be stored where, like we already have a lot of fish in the river but do not have a container for the fish.

Wallet can be hardware or software, but for ordinary people or beginners do not need to have the hardware or software, we can create a free wallet from online wallet provider sites just simply register using e-mail and KTP only.

One of the local sites of a good wallet provider is Indodax or Bitcoin.co.id and the author has proven and has transacted here and everything runs smoothly without constraints be it selling / buying and transferring and withdrawing balances to our bank account.

and transaction fees are also cheap around Rp.26,000 per transaction if we want to narik bitcoin sales balance into rec Bank.

To register and get a wallet (wallet) for free please go to the web bitcoin.co.id and select the list, use the active email and your mobile number.
If you are an android user just use the Gmail e-mail registered on your android phone.
Follow the steps given.
If it has been registered then verify so that we can fully use the facilities on the web, prepare id cards and photos of yourself as a condition that will be asked to be uploaded.

if it is registered, then to see the address of our wallet (wallet) is simply click the Wallet menu, later there will appear a long address code in the form of a combination of letters and numbers and QR Code that can be scanned with Hp.
save this wallet code because later when the transaction wherever we will be asked for the wallet code.

2. Roll out free bitcoin tokens

If you want to quickly have Bitcoin can be by buying through the market, you can also buy on the web bitcoin.co.id where we have a wallet.

To roll free, many websites that provide free tokens, please search on google with the keyword "free bitcoin", usually the free scrolling web will provide various tasks such as surveys, games, click ads, watch videos and there are free rollets and free prize draws every day.

Currently there is a term roll through AirDrop where bitcoin tokens are scattered and can be obtained for free.

In order for us to roll on such a web we must always go online mantengin web and this sometimes takes time.

There is one easy way to roll free is by mining (digging) online using the application without us having to use the web, if mining uses hardware it costs a very large amount of tens to billions of rupiah to buy the tool, but mining hardware is faster to collect bitcoin.

An easy way for lower middle-class citizens like us is mining using a PC computer (for those who have) or the easiest with our andorid hp, at least android version 8 and above.

One of the free mining on android that is widely used is CryptoTab, the use of this application is easy, can be installed on Windows or Android and iOS (iPhone).

To install this application, you can visit the website: