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Best Car Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia 2021

Best Car Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia 2021! - Car insurance is insurance that provides compensation if the vehicle is damaged, either severely damaged or just abrasions, and lost

In addition, there are additional benefits in the form of replacement damage due to floods, riots (riots), and natural disasters

With this protection, the insurance company will cover the vehicle if it is damaged or lost within a year. Therefore, choose the best and cheap car insurance in order to get benefits as needed with affordable premiums

The following is a list of the best and cheapest car insurance recommendations in 2021 Come on, buy car insurance online at Lifepal and get up to 25 percent off!

Tugu Insurance

Sinarmas Car Insurance

ACA Insurance

Adira Autocillin

AXA Mandiri Insurance

Simas Insurtech Insurance

Tokio Marine Insurance

ABDA Insurance

Allianz Insurance

Sompo Insurance

Benefits of Buying Car Insurance on Lifepal

In addition to offering the cheapest car insurance premium costs, there are several other advantages that can be obtained by utilizing the Lifepal insurance marketplace

Why buy car insurance online? The following are the advantages of buying car insurance online at Lifepal:

1. Partner Workshops and Branch Offices Spread Throughout Indonesia

Associate Workshop

Lifepal has collaborated with a number of insurance company partners in Indonesia

To ensure customers get the best service, Lifepal has collaborated with 4000+ auto repair shops and 250+ partner branch offices spread outside almost all over Indonesia

That way, customers can easily get claims services at joint partner workshops and branch offices

For example, Car Insurance in Surabaya, Car Insurance in Bali, Car Insurance in Medan, Bandung Car Insurance, and various other cities in accordance with the insurance company owned

2. Online Claims Submission Service

Now there is no need to visit the head office or branch of the insurance company. For example, you Reliance Car Insurance customers who are in East Java do not have to visit Reliance Malang Car Insurance or Surabaya Car Insurance, for the Yogyakarta region must come to Car Insurance in Yogyakarta, and various other cities just to file a claim.

With online customer service, you can file a claim through the application or contact the branch office of the relevant insurance company

In the event of a claim constraint, customers can contact lifepal service by phone or WhatsApp.

3. Best and Most Complete Car Insurance Prices

In collaboration with more than 50 leading insurance companies in Indonesia, Lifepal offers the best and most complete car insurance products

In addition, you can also do a comparison of cheap and good car insurance in detail on the official Lifepal website

How to Register Car Insurance on Lifepal

Interested in buying car insurance online at Lifepal? The trick is very easy, just fill out the data form above, then compare a number of insurance policies available on Lifepal

Make sure the benefits of the policy and premiums match your needs and budget

Then fill in the application process and the Lifepal team will immediately confirm and explain in detail the information related to the insurance policy you are interested in

For example, if you intend to choose Autocillin Car Insurance, or Allianz Car Insurance, later our team will help explain

So, there is no need to worry about choosing the wrong policy because prospective customers can consult first with a team of Lifepal insurance experts over the phone!